LogoCongratulations to this month’s Mommy Master winner, Lisa Youngelson, mother and creator of Zippyz.  She discovered there was a need for a product that would make a parent’s life easier!  I was so impressed with Lisa’s creation when I met her and witnessed her demonstration at an event, I bought one for a friend who just had a baby.  Read about her inspiration below:


stickerupdate“Trying to balance my beautiful son Ryan, a full-time job, and launching a new company has been very difficult! I am so excited my dream has come true as I have recently launched my website www.littletrendyz.com.  I thought of Zippyz when my son was 3 months old! I was getting so tired of miss-snapping all of the snaps on his pajamas and I loved the zippered pajamas, but hated the fact I was exposing his entire body to the cold air (especially at night when it would wake him up). Zippyz are footed pajamas with a zipper from foot to belly and just 3 snaps on top. Now parents can change their babies quick and easy AND keep them covered and warm. Its a WIN WIN for everyone!!

Every time I show someone a Zippyz, they say “”Why didn’t I think of that!”” I knew this product could help every mom and dad out there and truly make the diaper changing world a better place for new parents!”

See for yourself!  View the demonstration:

Are you the next Mommy Master of the Month?  Submissions are now open for the April Mommy Master and entering is super easy.  It’s a great way to promote your business, gain more followers for your blog and social media outlets, or just brag about all the hard work you do as a mom…at no cost to you! Let’s support and encourage one another!

Thank you to all the great moms who entered thus far…you are all Mommy Masters!

Together we can master motherhood!™



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