November 2013 Mommy Master

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Congratulations to Olivia Entin, mom and creator of Dots on Tots, a really neat product designed to protect little one’s ears.  Olivia is a woman who saw the need for a certain product inspired by her own children and made it happen…a true      Mommy Master! 

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Dots on Tots is a baby headwear company specializing in ear flap hats made from natural, certified-organic cotton for babies and toddlers to protect against cold weather and wind as well as (ENT) ear, nose and throat infections. A mother of two from New York, Olivia Entin stumbled upon what would become the inspiration behind her flourishing business when she was searching and unsuccessfully finding clothing for her children that would provide safety and optimal comfort as well as a fashion-forward appearance. Olivia knew that she, as well as other new parents, needed a line of accessories that would keep babies and toddlers skin safe and protect against ENT infections. With her Master’s Degree in Fashion Design and Technology and as an experienced mother, Olivia set forth with the support of her family to provide the children’s market with a niche product that would provide safety, comfort and style.

Olivia began Dots on Tots right in her living room stitch the 100% organic hats on her own. As her friends and family started learning of the safety aspects of the hats, Olivia realized she had found the answer to so many parents concerns. However, these newly sought after hats needed a name. “Dots on Tots” would come from an incident where her son was playing with crayons and placed colored dots on his hat.

Olivia’s biggest achievement has been from knowing that little ones nationwide have enjoyed the safety and health benefits from her hats and that it all stemmed from the need to provide the best for her kids. Olivia’s primary customers are parents who prefer organic products and who understand the sensitivities of young children and the impact certain materials can have on their overall health.

Although Olivia enjoyed working from home and being with her children while creating her products, the demand for Dots on Tots became too large to continue production there. She has since relocated her business to an office which keeps the theme of 100% organic and safe hats at the forefront of the brand’s focus. Olivia continues to monitor every product for quality and perfection to ensure each one is ideal and safe for children.

Olivia hopes that as the business grows that the number of parents and children helped by her products will also increase. She is proud to have created the ideal product at home with her kids and that she is helping children nationwide enjoy the comfort and health benefits of Dots on Tots.

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