August 2014 Mommy Master

Mommy Master of the Month
Congratulations to Lynne Finch, this month’s Mommy Master!  Lynne, mother of two, came up with a creative way to teach kids about the value of money, and won a Mom’s Choice Award for her incredible book.  Read more about Lynne and get inspired:
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Studies show that women are more proactive in teaching their kids about money. As a mom my determination to teach my kids about money led me to create a strategy that simplifies the whole allowance situation with kids and provides years of hands-on money education in the home. It all started because I didn’t have cash for my kids’ allowances.
In a moment of inspiration (or desperation), I paid my kids, who were ages 5 and 3, with virtual money, written in an account like direct deposit. This became the basis for “The No-Cash Allowance.”My name is Lynne Finch. I’m a mom who started her own publishing company to produce a very practical guide for teaching your children how to manage money.I didn’t set out to be both author and publisher. I liked the idea of someone else paying the printing bill, so my book proposal made the rounds to many publishers. Some were interested, if I agreed to contain my ideas about kids and allowances in one chapter of a big book about money management and investment. Because I believed this was an important topic for parents I invested my own money to publish my book.While the book is about kids and allowances, it’s really about kids learning to make and understand their own money decisions. When my book finally rolled off the press our kids had left the nest. We knew that our system was successful: they never once called home from college to ask for money.Moms are concerned about their kids’ financial future, but may not know how to help them be prepared. I believe that by teaching kids to make thoughtful day-to-day money decisions we can help our children prosper. Knowing how to manage virtual money–money that can’t be seen or touched–is an essential survival skill for the next generation.As a mom, I set out to teach my kids about money. What they learned reached far beyond dollars and cents. My children learned essential life skills like confidence, decision-making and responsibility. It wasn’t about the money at all.
The No-Cash Allowance is a Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient as a Parenting Book.

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