Mommy Master of the Month

Congratulations to Lisa Engle, the September Mommy Master.  Lisa is coaching moms, providing them with an outlet to express themselves and helping them become the best they can be.  She also has a great smile, doesn’t she?

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Through a full spectrum of mothering experiences and a tried and true coaching methods, I lovingly hold a safe mirror for moms to see THEIR best vision of themselves; defined, refined and reflected back to them.

I hold a vision of a well world; knowing it starts with healthy and well parents.

My business model supports moms by phone, so location isn’t a limit. I have a Pay It Forward feature that allows moms who can’t afford the support to still have an opportunity to grow in their awareness of what their best version of themselves even looks like…so money can’t be the excuse either. I’m on mission to see moms to become who they are designed to be…and believe they are the best people to lead themselves there. My role is to facilitate the process by asking the right questions without judgement and holding the space for them to grow into who they are, innately, by nature, a powerfully influential role as “mom”.

While OptiMOM Coaching will grow to change the experiences moms have (obviously changing the experience their children have too), rooting them deeper to their beautiful Power as mothers, part of the vision is to also create opportunities for women to potentially become OptiMOM Coaches; bridging our culture to meet the incredible need for women to reconnect to their sense of well being and “okay-ness”, moving away from the dis-eased state so many moms are functioning from.

I’m honored to have the experiences that prepared me to serve in this capacity and delighted to be featured as a Mommy Master.



[su_box title=”Are You a Mommy Master?” box_color=”#252180″]Submissions are now open for the October Mommy Master, and entering is super easy. It’s a great way to promote your business, gain more followers for your blog and social media outlets, or just brag about all the hard work you do as a mom…at no cost to you!

Let’s support and encourage one another!

Thank you to all the great moms who entered thus far…you are all Mommy Masters! [/su_box]


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