Mommy Master of the Month

Congratulations to Rachel Martinez, our October Mommy Master!  Rachel turned her son’s creativity and passion for giving back into a family business.  Her support and dedication to her children, along with making her dream of starting her own company a reality, makes her a true Mommy Master!

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 I am a 35 year old mother of 2 boys (6 & 8 years old.) For the past 13 years I have worked in the media/advertising sales world. I left my full time job a year ago because I knew that my passion has always been to start my own company. Being a mom changed my outlook on my career. I wanted to make a career for myself instead of making a career for someone else. Most of all I wanted to create something that my entire family could be involved in.

My 6-year old son Sebastian has always had an obsession with fun and crazy socks. After buying so many socks throughout the years last year it occurred to me to ask him if he would like to design his own socks. He was so happy that he sat right down and started drawing. After he drew his first sock he asked me to make a hole in it so that he could put it on (obviously that was not possible.)

After seeing his passion I knew we had a great concept that we could work with. I found a manufacturing company in Central America to produce our socks and out came the Are You Kidding? Socks by Sebastian Sock Line.

We have done a few trunk shows where we have all been involved whether it’s setting up and breaking down (daddy’s job), supervising (mommy’s job), or selling (my kids job.)  You never know when your child’s passion could be the next family business and I was fortunate to catch on to this passion.

Besides designing his own sock line, Sebastian is starting to design several cool socks to help a variety of charities raise awareness and money. Are You Kidding? is starting a “give back” sock division.  Anyone can sell socks… but not anyone has a great story to tell about the socks.

Learn more and connect: 

Check out the video Sebastian made for the breast cancer awareness socks he sells 


[su_box title=”Are You a Mommy Master?” box_color=”#252180″]Submissions are now open for the November Mommy Master, and entering is super easy. It’s a great way to promote your business, gain more followers for your blog and social media outlets, or just brag about all the hard work you do as a mom…at no cost to you!

Let’s support and encourage one another!

Thank you to all the great moms who entered thus far…you are all Mommy Masters! [/su_box]


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