January 2015 Mommy Master

Mommy Master of the Month

Congratulations to our first Mommy Master of 2015, Jennifer Colas!  The mom to three is using her experiences growing up in a difficult environment to help others.

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  “I am very excited and honored to be chosen as the January Mommy master.  I am a master mom of 3 little boys. Ages 3,4 & 6.  I live a crazy busy life and my hands are very full but my heart is “fuller.” My own childhood was challenging and the desire to raise my boys differently is emotionally taxing at times.   I  want to share my story and reach as many people as I can. We as parents struggle in many different ways but its good to  know and read that we are not alone.

 I started my blog, Reality Mom Blog  a little over 2 months ago and have had a great start. I have published 24 blogs on the Reality Mom Blog site and have gained almost 900 twitter followers in that short time.  The most challenging blog I’ve written so far was addressing my own childhood and growing up with a Schizophrenic mother.  

An excerpt from The MY MOM AND SCHIZOPHRENIA post states, “The complexity of my situation still unfolds today. I am now 34 and I still uncover areas of my personality that have been affected by the schizophrenia. I am a mother to 3 beautiful little boys. On a daily basis I deal with undoing some of the traits and behaviors I learned from my mother and I try not to repeat the cycle with them. I struggle with decoding my brain and try and feel comfortable with letting people in and letting them get close to me. I still shy away from accepting help and understanding that people are nice and genuine and truly want to help. I have so much positive influence in my life and I am grateful that having these role models have taught me appropriate social and life skills.”

My blog helps me work through parenting challenges. I put a lot of thought, effort and research into my most important job, raising my children. The Reality Mom Blog I hope can be a resource to other parents like myself who are trying to learn and grow as parents. We all face challenges, a lot of them are shared amongst most parents and some are unique but we can always learn from each other and grow. 

Read more from Jennifer’s blog and stay in touch:

Twitter: @realitymomblog

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Let’s support and encourage one another!

Thank you to all the great moms who entered thus far…you are all Mommy Masters! [/su_box]