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Congratulations to Alina Muresan, The February Mommy Master.  Inspired by her husband’s diagnosis, she changed her eating and lifestyle habits, leading to a new degree and business.  Alina can help you and your family make healthy choices and live well.

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“My story begins in Romania where I was born, raised, and graduated with a Medical Degree. I moved to Canada one year later to pursue a Masters in Biochemistry at University of Saskatchewan, Canada. I met my husband in Saskatoon and we both moved to Calgary in 2008 when he was offered a job here.My husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, 4 months after our son was born. I spent many hours reading numerous books, articles, and webpages trying to understand why the cancer occurred and how to prevent it from reoccurring. We decided that changing our diet and some of our lifestyle habits were some of the things we could control to lower the chance that the cancer would return.Fast forward a few years, our daughter was born and we were still making changes in what we ate and in our environment.In addition to making healthy dietary and lifestyle choices, we are now trying to accommodate our son’s dietary restrictions. He was diagnosed with a gluten and dairy sensitivity when he was 3 ½ years old.

Starting with healthy eating to prevent cancer and later on feeding my children a healthy diet (focusing on gluten- and dairy-free alternatives), I discovered that I had a passion for healthy nutrition and lifestyle and I became a RHN Holistic Nutritionist in 2013.

I started my Orgali business and website a few months after I graduated the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition as I wanted to spread my message about healthy eating and lifestyle. Every week, on Tasty Tuesday, I post gluten free and dairy free nutritious and delicious recipes. In addition, I also offer nutritional tips related to children’s and family’s nutrition and health.

I counsel families with children that suffer from constipation and food allergies and sensitivities. I also counsel parents who have children that are going through a picky eating phase or parents who simply want to offer their children and their family healthier food choices.It is possible to feed your children and your family healthy and delicious foods. It is possible for them to actually eat the food and it is possible to stay sane during this process.”
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Alina Muresan

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