Contributor Article: The Benefit of Art to Children


artOur children’s minds develop at a rapid rate. As a result, they need the proper stimuli to reach their full potential. Children naturally love to express themselves, and art is the perfect way to do just that.  It’s important for parents to be supportive but an obstacle could be the expense of doing that.

Art supplies are not cheap and while you can purchase some great stuff at the dollar store, it adds up, especially if you are enrolling your child in actual art classes.  If you were able to save on other items for your children, such as food and clothing, plus items for yourself and your house, it would leave money left over for your child’s love of art.  A good example to help accomplish that is, which is a great resource.

Providing art to our children is actually good for them.  Here’s why:  There are two different areas of the brain: the left and right hemisphere. When kids participate in art related pursuits, the right side of the brain experiences increased activity. Intuition and creativity are promoted by this side of the brain and traditional schooling often neglects it. But what are some other benefits of art to children? Read on to learn more:

Expressing Feelings

One of the hardest concepts for children to grasp is healthy and creative self-expression. Children do not always have productive outlets to express themselves, which can become problematic as they become older and begin experiencing stronger emotions. Art gives them a conduit to learn how to express their feelings at a young age and will bolster their creative thinking abilities.

Discovering Multiple Points Of View

Children need to know from a young age that there is no one right answer to every single question that arises and that there are multiple points of view that can be had. Art is all about seeing every side of the equation, which is a much needed skill for children to possess. Younger children typically see things as being black and white, but art teaches them more about the many shades of grey.

Makes Learning Fun

Some schools have cut back on their art programs, which can have a negative effect on students.  According to,although some may regard art education as a luxury, simple creative activities are some of the building blocks of child development. Learning to create and appreciate visual aesthetics may be more important than ever to the development of the next generation of children as they grow up. By providing plenty of time for students to express themselves artistically, they learn from a young age that all learning does not have to be dry and boring. They also learn how to collaborate with other children, which is a skill that benefits them for the rest of their lives.

Confidence Booster

Whether big or small, every child wants to receive positive feedback for a job well done. When a child is praised for an art project that they have completed, this gives them a much needed boost of confidence. There is no right way to construct art, so this allows children from every age group and walk of life to feel a sense of pride in their creations.

Learning More About Themselves

We all have a personal voice that we need to express and for some children, it can take a lifetime to find it. In order to streamline the process, art projects deliver a sense of self-worth and allow the child to learn more about their individual likes and dislikes. With art, children are able to pinpoint their personal voices and find out stuff about themselves that they never knew.

About the Author: 

Mary Ann used to be an elementary school art teacher until she became a proud full-time mom of 2 year old Rob and 7 year old Sue. She loves her family and their dog Spark more than anything. Although daily life may be a struggle sometimes, she always manages to get some time for her biggest passion – writing.









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