Meet the November Mommy Master:

Congratulations to Lauren Maikut, this month’s Mommy Master.  She is changing the world, one bib at a time.  Lauren is truly an inspiration to us all!

After my son Chase was born at 34 weeks, we were blessed to have only spent 12 days in the NICU, which was nothing compared to most of the families that we met during our stay there. After getting to know the other mothers and families and seeing first-hand what it is like to experience your child fighting for their life, I wanted to assist anyway that I could.
bibs-for-kidsI also have a very close cousin that has had cerebral palsy since birth and I’ve seen the adversity and emotional pain she has gone through. This inspired the causes that I chose to support with Bibs For Kids. The recognition and financial support needed for education and research to benefit these causes needs dramatic improvement.
We donate 10% of our gross sales to our partnering families and organizations. Our main causes that we support are Childhood Cancer, Pediatric HIV, Autism, Childhood Hunger, Prematurity, and Cerebral Palsy. We make six bibs, and each represent one of our causes.
We have started partnering with multiple hospitals and organizations dedicated to helping children going through a hard time. We understand the fight these children are under going could be the hardest fight of their lives. Bibs For Kids is a way that we can encourage, comfort, and advocate for many children and to remind them to keep smiling, no matter what they are facing.
The more people who know about Bibs For Kids, the more children we can help. Ultimately, my goal is to help 100 million kids by 2036 through raising awareness, volunteering, and donations.
Being a mom, I know the impact that I have in my child’s life is detrimental. I know that by starting Bibs For Kids, I will be able to change the world, and having my son watch and help me do that is the most important task for me. In any business, drive and passion can take you anywhere you want to be and teaching those values to our children is crucial.
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Are YOU a Mommy Master?
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Thank you to all the great moms who entered thus far…you are all Mommy Masters!