Thank you to our guest contributor who shares these wonderful tips for supporting our children when it comes to sports. I am the mom to three boys who are OBSESSED with sports and I witness the positive aspects of their involvement on a daily basis. Nothing makes me happier when I attend their games, cheer them on and watch them be part of a team. Even when they lose and take it hard, it’s a great parenting opportunity for discussions about real life.

It is no secret that sports can have a positive impact on children. Sports teach several valuable traits that your kids can take with them as they grow up. Some of these traits include accountability, perseverance, discipline, and (depending on the sport), teamwork. Moreover, sports are a great way to keep your children fit, healthy, and happy.

Having said that, it is absolutely important for parents to support their children through sports. More often than not, it is the parents who introduce their children to different kinds of sports the latter can pursue.

Do not, in any way, underestimate your influence in your children’s experience in the process. Parental involvement in children’s experience in sports definitely has several effects, both positive and negative.

Here are some tips on how you can support your children through sports and help hone a positive experience in the process!

  1. Encourage Your Kids

Verbal encouragement goes a long way. Before each game, your children may need some words or acts of encouragement to ease the nerves and tension. Children, like adults, are just as afraid of disappointing others.

When the time comes that your children lose (and they will for sure), lend some words of encouragement to keep them from giving up. Make sure that sports aren’t about winning but about learning valuable lessons on the field or court, such as sportsmanship and discipline.

Pressure is different from encouragement. The former can actually discourage your children or, worse, teach them to win, no matter the cost. Let your children know that you are always proud of them, regardless of the outcome of the game.

  1. Be Present In Their Games

Being present is one of the highest manifestations of support. When your children see you in the crowd, they can rest easy knowing they have your full support and attention. Plus, it provides an emotional boost that can fuel them throughout the game. On the other hand, not being there, can negatively impact your children’s mindset and emotions.

Always make it a point to remind your children that they should enjoy playing sports regardless of the outcome.

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  1. Gear Them Up

When your children are playing sports, especially contact sports, make sure they are equipped with gear appropriate for their chosen sport.

Among the essentials are: tracksuits, shirts, swimsuits, footwear, etc. If your children’s sports require special apparel like cleats and spikes, keep them safe and stylish with custom socks from If you’re feeling a little sporty yourself, you can get matching socks in your chosen color and design.

There so many things your children can get out of sports, among them values and experiences that they will cherish for life. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to be involved in your children’s growth and development. The more present you are the more fulfilling and enjoyable their experience will be.







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