Meet the June Mommy Master and Get Inspired:

Congratulations to this month’s Mommy Master, Jenny Hopf, co-founder of Momidarity, a virtual meetup platform for today’s busy mama. She definitely understands the definition of being busy, juggling a full-time job, her business and motherhood. Learn more about Jenny and get inspired!


“Hello!  I’m Jenny, mom to Lucy (1) and Charlie (4) and wife to Tony. I’m SO excited to be Mommy Master of the Month, as I’m a big fan of Ellie and all that she does with Mommy Masters, and love the message she promotes. Like Ellie, some days I feel like a master, some days I feel like a hot mess. But to my kids, I’m always mom and I’m the best mom they know, and so there is something really amazing about that.

I would describe myself as a VERY full time working mom. I pretty much sleep standing up 😉 For my “paid gig” I work as the Director of Online and Professional Education for a college just outside of Boston. I love my job, but after becoming a mom four years ago I realized that I am equally passionate about women’s mental health, and so I decided to bring both my professional and personal interests together, to start a little company called Momidarity! I now run Momidarity in my spare time with my amazing brother and partner in crime, Joe, and it’s been an incredible experience.

The idea for Momidarity really began about four years ago when I became a mother and learned first hand that being a mom is REALLY FREAKIN’ HARD! I read the so many books and blogs about becoming a mom but nothing could have prepared me for how overwhelming, lonely and isolating it could be. But more than anything, I found it so challenging to find the time and comfortable opportunities to ask questions and talk about what I was going through with other moms.

Momidarity provides online mom support groups using our virtual platform. Our groups give moms a safe space to talk, vent, cry, laugh and share the ups and downs of motherhood with other moms who really get it. And all from the comfort of your couch and glass of wine.

So I know many of you are thinking – a virtual mom group? What the WHAT?? That sounds pretty weird and impersonal. And before joining our groups, a lot of moms told us they felt that way. But you would be amazed at how quickly and easily it is to connect and be comfortable with the other moms in your live online group because we all share the common bond of motherhood and there is something incredibly special and supportive in that.

Head on over to to learn more about our four-week mom groups that get together once a week for an hour. Sign up for a group and receive 20% off with code: MOMMYMASTERS.

Thank you, Ellie, for giving me this opportunity to share with your followers a service that I love and am so proud of, and for all you moms out there who could use a little support and some new mom friends, JOIN US! We’d LOVE to have you!!


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