Meet the October Mommy Master:

Congratulations to Allison Jacobs, this month’s Mommy Master!

Allison has taken her passion for makeup and turned it into a career.

She both inspiring and very talented.

Learn more about Allison below:

My name is Allison Jacobs and I am married with two boys, 2 and 4 years old. Prior to having had kids, I worked for a number of cosmetic companies in a variety of capacities. Around the time I found out I was pregnant with number one, I was offered a promotion, my dream job! This role, however, required 80% travel. While this position was everything I’d been working for, holding my baby for the first time made me realize I had another dream to fulfill first. About a year later I found out I was pregnant with my second baby boy! 

As my boys got older and started preschool, I encountered so many moms that sincerely wanted to know how I did my makeup. They were interested in what products I was using and how I applied them. I clearly remember bringing a “mom friend” into Sephora to show her how to do her brows. I felt this exciting sense of familiarity!

An employee at the store asked me if I watched YouTube or if I had a channel. I wasn’t exactly sure what she meant. In that moment, a fire was sparked inside of me. I started playing with makeup more, watching YouTube makeup tutorials, and I began to feel this connection with my pre-mommy self. 

I wasn’t ready to put my kids in preschool full-time and go back to work, but I knew I wanted to do something. I started brainstorming. Could I have my cake and eat it too? I asked other moms if they would be interested in either a service that would provide makeup lessons in a private session (at home or in a store) or that would create Bring Your Own Makeup (BYOM) Parties for up to 8 women offering makeup tips, tricks, and champagne.

As a result, my business, Attainable Beauty was born! Over the course of a year, I expanded my services to provide makeup applications for special occasions like weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, prom, homecoming, photoshoots, you name it! 

I love sharing my love of makeup in a way that provides tips for women in general, as well as MOMs that have forgotten to put themselves first every now and then. Being a mom is a beautiful blessing that I completely appreciate, but for me, it’s important not to lose your identity in the process.

I can relate to moms in a real way and help them figure out how to reclaim their sense of self!

Makeup is my passion and it’s something I have always loved! Whether I am teaching people in person, or via social media, I get to fulfill something for myself that’s mine! The best part is, I am able to fulfill both of my dreams! I book appointments, film, edit, post, you name it, all on my time. I can “work” while my kids are in school, but I can also pick them up, and participate in their lives in a way that’s important to me! It’s all been a process and definitely a learning experience! 



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