How to Choose the Right Pair of Baby Earrings:

Welcome back to Amy Williams, our guest contributor, who is sharing her knowledge about piercing your little one’s ears.

After deciding to pierce a baby’s ears, it’s important we find the right pair of baby earrings for our child. Unfortunately, picking earrings involves a lot more consideration than if the jewelry simply matches an outfit or looks cute. In fact, choosing the perfect pair of earrings for a small child is critical, because we need to focus on safety and comfort for our daughter or son’s well-being. Thankfully, there are a few do’s and don’ts we can follow when it comes to choosing earrings for a baby.

Scroll through the following tips on how to choose the right pair of baby earrings for more information:

Choose high-quality earrings.When purchasing baby earrings, there are a variety of different metals and gemstones to choose from. This assortment can make finding the perfect pair of baby earrings difficult, but it’s vital that we remember a child’s skin is often sensitive and can react to cheaper ingredients and metals. This can cause allergic reactions, discoloring of the skin, contact dermatitis, and even lead to infections. We can avoid this problem by looking for baby earrings that are 14K or 18K gold or pure silver. While they might be more costly in the beginning, these earrings can prevent exposure to cheap products and prevent a child unnecessary suffering and discomfort.

Know what is in your child’s jewelry. Even though it’s almost 2020, we need to pay attention to the makeup of our kids’ jewelry, because within recent years we have seen over 180 million pieces of children’s jewelry be recalled in the United States. These products, intended solely for children, were found to have high levels of lead and other dangerous metals. This is alarming on many levels, but especially when we consider that exposure to these metals can pose serious health risks and learning delays to our babies and children. When it comes to baby earrings, purchase from reliable retailers and know what metals, paints, or plastics were used in the manufacturing.

Keep a baby’s comfort in mind. Choose earrings that are small enough to prevent rubbing, poking, snagging, and irritation. Babies are on the move, crawling, napping, and playing during the day which we need to remember and keep in mind. After all, they can’t tell us when their earrings are poking them or remove their jewelry before sleeping. It’s a good rule of thumb when choosing the right pair of baby earrings to avoid hoops, hanging, large, or heavy earrings to prevent issues. Instead, opt for a basic stud or simple design until a child is older.

Choose baby earrings that feature screw-backs. This design element allows parents to twist on the back of an earring to the post. This feature prevents lost earrings which can be costly or become potential choking hazards. Also, earrings with screw-backs are often more comfortable to wear during the day and while sleeping. This is just one easy way to protect your child and investment.

Find earrings specifically designed for babies and children.Today, many jewelry manufacturers create earrings that are made with babies and children in mind. Typically, these products are smaller, more petite, and the perfect weight for a baby’s tiny earlobes. This is a great way to ensure you are picking the right pair of baby earrings because they are specifically crafted for small children. When you are buying earrings, ask the sales clerk if they offer any of these options.

Ask your pediatrician’s advice. Before piercing, choosing, or buying earrings for a baby, ask your doctor if they have any concerns or can offer any advice. For instance, many health care professionals like to wait two weeks after a child has had their first tetanus shot which is typically administered around the time a child turns 2 months old. They often recommend using hypoallergenic studs to prevent the likelihood of irritation and adverse reactions. In some offices, they will pierce a baby’s ears for you or be able to recommend a trusted business that has received good reviews and has the proper licenses.

Amy Williams is a free-lance journalist based in Southern California and mother of two.