How to Look Good Fast for Busy Moms:

Thanks to our guest contributor for these fabulous tips. Dropping the kids off at the bus this morning did not involve being put together, however these tips definitely makes it more realistic to accomplish this goal for tomorrow.

No one wants to be that mom at the school gate who looks like a harried mess.

But finding time to do yourself up while getting the kids off to school is a tall order.

What if you could have your kids ready for school and you killing your outfit, or at the very least, looking put together?

With a few appearance hacks under your belt, you will be impressing yourself and others in no time.

  1. Your smile is number one!

Having a confident smile makes all the difference in the world. Do yourself and others a favor by putting teeth brushing at the very top of your list.

And guess what, a person’s impression of you is not only based on how you look. How you smellplays a key role in the impression you make. Chug a large glass of water if you don’t have time to brush your teeth.

According to, a dental office in Wasilla, AK, “Dry mouth leads to a proliferation of bacteria. All those germs can raise a big stink! Keeping your mouth hydrated is one of your first lines of defense in keeping halitosis at bay.”
A quick fix when you are short on time: A quick rinse with strong mouth wash will fight morning breath until you have the time to brush properly.

  1. Lay out your clothes the day before.

Are you a fashionista at heart, but often the day just gets in the way of making good outfit choices? So the yoga pants and an oversized T-shirt becomes the norm?

Forget about putting together a lovely outfit in the morning. You’re just waking up. And your kids are likely clamoring for your attention.

If you want to feel confident in your style choices once again, the best advice for busy moms is to not leave anything to chance.

The night before, after the kids are down, pick out what you want to wear the next day. Give yourself time to get it right.

  1. BB creams are your new best friend.

You know you should be moisturizing, sun proofing, and more. But if you only have one minute to get your face ready for the day, then you are going to need a hard-working product that requires no lag time between layers.

Enter BB creams. The best types out there are a combination of moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation. So instead of having to layer on each product and wait between each product before applying the next layer. You apply one product evenly, and you are good to go!

  1. Go for red. 

Wearing lipstick can convince people you have a makeup plan, even if your lipstick is the beginning and end of your makeup routine. 

It is powerful enough so that at first glance, it leaves an impression of style. So keep a red lipstick in your purse for when you are in a time crunch. Pull it out before you leave the house and apply one coat, and voila! Lip balms, lip tints, and lip glosses make it easier than ever to apply a coat of color without needing to worry too much about application accuracy.

Never been able to figure out the right red that looks good with your skin tone?

The general guideline is to use a red with a slight blue undertone if you have fair skin. And then a lip shade with a more orangey hue if your skin is a medium skin tone. If you have darker skin, choose a burgundy or berry red shade as your lip color.

Added plus for carrying your race-car red lipstick in your pocket? You can smudge it into your cheeks and use it as a blusher in a pinch.

  1. Highlight under those eyes!

You didn’t sleep well because you’re a mom. It is a valid reason. But those under-eye shadows don’t do you any favors.

If you have an extra 10 seconds, sweep highlighter under your eyes. You will get an immediate brightening effect that will make you look awake and a little glow-y. This works even if you do not have time for concealer first. (Hopefully, you applied BB cream, so your skin tone has evened out a little.)

Any extra moments should be spent on putting a little bit of fluff into your hair. A loose pony tail with a teased crown will look stylish.

Smile! You’re now ready to face the day and in less time than it took to brew your first cup of coffee!


We would love to learn more about your morning routine and create a personalized parenting plan to get you looking and feeling your best. 




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