A Dad’s Perspective

Dads, we want to hear what you think about all things parenting!

Around here, we know what women have to say about motherhood, but it’s not too often we get to explore what’s brewing inside your head, dads!  What do you have to say about raising children?

  • Do you have a different way of handling things?

  • Are you more or less patient than your wife?

  • Do stay-at-home dads have it easier or harder than stay-at-home moms?

  • Do you share chores with your partner?

  • Do you fight with your spouse over parenting styles?

 “A Dad’s Perspective”, the informative series from Mommy Masters®, allows dads to share their thoughts, feelings and opinions on fatherhood.  Read amazing articles written by dads from all over the country who have something to say.

We are always looking for dad guest bloggers to be featured.  

A Dad’s Perspective: 5 Lessons I Learned from Being a Dad

The popular series, “A Dad’s Perspective” is back! Mommy Masters welcomes Dad, Ericson Roberts, who shares his perspective on all things fatherhood and what he has learned on his journey so far. ___________________ Being a dad is a lifelong job. You can’t just quit...

A Dad’s Perspective: Mother’s Day Edition

Mommy Masters welcomes Phil Partington, from utterdadness.com, who blogs about the (tired) life of a father to three boys.  Phil shares his perspective on Mother’s Day photo fiascos. [su_divider top=”no”] May is the month for mothers, highlighted of...

A Dad’s Perspective: Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

The popular series, “A Dad’s Perspective” is back! Mommy Masters welcomes Dad, Yale Nogin, who shares his perspective on what he believes to be the best valentine gift a husband can give. [su_divider top=”no”] Best Valentine Gift A...

“A Dad’s Perspective”: The FEAR of Father’s Day

The popular series, “A Dad’s Perspective“ is back!  Mommy Masters welcomes Chris Cannon, Bestselling Author and creator of The Manhood Model™, who shares his perspective about Father’s Day and failure.  He also gives us an inside glimpse into...

A Dad’s Perspective: My Way vs. Her Way

Mommy Masters welcomes dad Keith Lex,who shares his perspective on fatherhood and why his way works for him.  His wife may not agree but at the end of the day, it all gets done! [su_divider top=”no”] “Around 2am, my wife and I were bottle feeding our...

A Dad’s Perspective-A Beautiful Moment

Normally, a dad would be writing this, but I just had to share my perspective of  ” A Dad’s Perspective”, after I recently witnessed this beautiful moment between a father and his daughter.  You definitely don’t observe the patience, strength...

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