Mommy Master of the Month

Mommy Master of the Month

Let’s support and celebrate each other, our accomplishments, our businesses and our dreams.

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It’s all about giving back and inspiring one another.

  • Each month, one lucky mom will be chosen and contacted via e-mail.
  • A 24 hour confirmation response is required and another mom will be chosen after that time has expired.
  • Once article is live, winner will be provided with link.  Promotion of your article is encouraged.
  • Winner is required to write short review on Mommy Masters Facebook page (5 stars is greatly appreciated!).
  • Once review is completed, winner will receive Mommy Master of the Month Award button for promotional purposes to be used on-line and print in perpetuity.
  • Please note there is no need to re-enter each month, as entry will be carried over if not chosen.
  • Can only win once.
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Meet the October Mommy Master:

Congratulations to Allison Jacobs, this month’s Mommy Master! Allison has taken her passion for makeup and turned it into a career. She both inspiring and very talented. Learn more about Allison below: My name is Allison Jacobs and I am married with two boys, 2...

Meet the June Mommy Master and Get Inspired:

Congratulations to this month’s Mommy Master, Jenny Hopf, co-founder of Momidarity, a virtual meetup platform for today’s busy mama. She definitely understands the definition of being busy, juggling a full-time job, her business and motherhood. Learn more...

Meet the November Mommy Master:

Congratulations to Lauren Maikut, this month’s Mommy Master.  She is changing the world, one bib at a time.  Lauren is truly an inspiration to us all! After my son Chase was born at 34 weeks, we were blessed to have only spent 12 days in the NICU, which was nothing...

Meet the May Mommy Master:

Congratulations to Nicolle Jones, this month’s Mommy Master.  To say Nicolle is an inspiration to us all would be an understatement.  She gives confidence to our youth, let’s them know they are valued and creates ways for the community to get involved....

Meet the January Mommy Master

Congratulations to the first Mommy Master of 2016, Lily Bock.  I LOVE the concept behind the business Lily started, turning party favors into an opportunity to give back.  I am especially excited to showcase her concept since it is very much in line with my own...

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