We LOVE Chewy.com:

We have always and will always LOVE Chewy. Whenever Penelope, my nine month Goldendoodle, sees the Chewy package come to the door, she sits and her tongue starts to salivate. This month’s treat was a success and I say was, because they are all gone. Penny may or...

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Family Mealtime=Family Success:

While out with my family at a restaurant recently, I was approached by another diner in the ladies’ room. What she said blew me away. “I just want to tell you how lovely your family is. Sitting next to you all was an absolute pleasure. Seeing your children...

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What Pet Should Get your Children:

Thank you to our guest contributor, Amy Williams, for once again providing us with great ideas and information. No matter their age, many children will inevitably decide they want a pet. This can be such an exciting time for families because pets make excellent...

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